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    this is my code

    <?php wp_list_authors(‘×14.png&orderby=name&exclude_admin=0&hide_empty=0’); ?>

    by default the rss feed image is on the right side of the author list
    i want it on the left, even though i have it first, it’s still not first.

    i assume i have to edit the wp-includes/author-template.php but im not sure how.

    check out to see what i mean

    and while im here is there a way to get rid of the bullet points of the list or use the rss image logo as the bullet points

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  • Don’t hack core, trust me.

    It doesn’t look like wp_list_authors() has filters or actions you can use, I think you’re stuck with the feed image on the right.

    If it’s really important, you can write a plugin or an alternate function and use that to display the authors instead.

    I really like this plugin to display authors:

    i have the plugin already but this code is a lot simpler and does the same thing.

    but look at the right side of the page right under “about this topic” thats what i want but i cant understand the code by inspecting it

    I would really recommend copy pasting wp_list_authors into your functions.php, rename it something like posthawk_list_authors, call that, and then tackle learning how to edit it. If you have specific php questions that arise I’ll be happy to answer them.

    i guess then my question is how to change the default order within the code

    like is it an array thing or an if/else order because those would be the 2 things in the code

    You really don’t want to give it a crack at all? Track the $feed_image variable. All that’s happening is that it’s getting put after the name.

    heres a link to a picture of the original function.

    i cant figure out how to turn it into php. because i cant use list_authors anymore do i create a new function?

    Yes, as I said in my previous post, copy paste the original WordPress function into your functions.php file, rename it, and then call your new function in place of the original.

    i get that.

    im not quite sure how to move the feed image above the name. i tried ajusting the ifs within the function but its not working right.

    like error not right

    nope. displays no feed image or link

    On line 84 of the pastebin, change $link = to $link .=

    thanks man for doing that for me. that was it. i dont know if i can thumb up you or not but i would

    but while you are here… how would i put a space between the two items
    (feed image and author name)? whould i do it in the function or the php?

    You’re welcome, glad it’s working.

    Go ahead and do it in the function.

    Change the beginning of line 84 in the pastebin: $link .= ' <a...

    For future reference, php is the language the function is written in. Happy coding!


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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