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    Hi there

    I’ve searched all over the WordPress site and the net for a solution to this but cant find one.

    All I want to do is have a menu item saying “Links” that leads to a page that lists all the links/blogroll entries/bookmarks instead of having them all listed in a sidebar.

    This is for a more CMS-type site where having a list of other websites prominently displayed would be inappropriate. I just want the traditional menu item “links” for a visitor to click on if they are interested in sites that are related to this one. (eg home/about/services/contact/links)

    It seems simple to me but remarkably difficult to explain when you’re talking to “bloggers” LOL And incredibly difficult to work out how to do it using WordPress.

    Any help would be much appreciated – otherwise I’ll have to ignore the “links” set up in WordPress and just enter them all into a page individually.


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  • I searched for ‘blogroll’ at and found one plugin that might be the answer for your question.

    Oh My God!! That’s brilliant!

    How in the heck did I not find that one!!??? Thank you so much. I just cant believe in all those hours I spent searching under every keyword I could think of I didn’t come across that plugin.

    You’re a life saver –


    Also note, that if you’re using the WordPress Default Theme, you can create a Page called Links, assign the Links Template to that Page.

    There’s already a Links Template (wp-content/themes/default/links.php) that comes delivered with the WordPress Default Theme that you could copy to your theme.

    Thanks Michael. That’s actually the sort of thing I was ideally looking for as I am trying to learn how to do things without altering too much base code and without using plugins, where possible.

    But the plugin mentioned above is perfect for my clients needs and I think will also be great for building a portfolio page.

    I really appreciate the help (and how quick it was) from you both – what a great community this is turning out to be.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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