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  • Hi

    I’m using the default theme in version 2.7. I have tried adding a image to the blue header. I can center the image (CSS) but how do I vertical align it?

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  • hi datex,

    could you link to the site?

    vertical alignment in XHTML/CSS is really tough! And grappling with these semi-automated header doolies in WordPress only adds to the problem.

    If I were in your shoes, I’d create an empty graphic (using Fireworks in my case, but whatever graphics-editing program you’re using would be fine) that is the same size as the blue header. Then I’d paste the smaller header graphic that you want to put in there, into that empty graphic. I’d position it in that larger graphic, where I want it aligned. Then I’d export the graphic in PNG 32 or GIF format with a transparent background.

    I hope that’s a helpful description.

    And as brianfeister said, if you have further questions please include your url.

    OR … he could define margins top and bottom.

    possibly, Saurus, although I don’t think that using the WordPress interface that you can easily define margins top and bottom for the graphic that’s in the header, which I believe is added to the template via an admin panel.

    It is possible that if datex pops the hood and look at the html of his page, he could figure out whether there’s a name for the div it’s in or for the image itself, and then in the stylesheet he can edit it so that there are appropriate margin-top and margin-bottom definitions.

    But oi, that’s kludgy, and not forward-thinking; if datex redesigns the graphic at a later date to a different size, then he’ll need to redefine its placement in the CSS. I think that in this instance, creating a graphic of the proper size and “cheating” with a transparent background is the better, more forward-thinking solution.

    I see. I wasn’t aware the default theme used a graphic as the header:( In that case it would not work. My best suggestion then would be to use an editing program and paste his image onto the default image and then upload that to his images folder AFTER renaming the default one, in case he is unhappy with the results.

    I think creating a custom Kubrick header graphic is best for that theme…like done here.

    I created a new header – can I somehow make a link so when you click at the header you go to an URL.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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