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  • If this is discussed here I haven’t found it. In my Post control panel there is a link to insert a n active URL. But it does not include an option to make the address an active email address. And, of course, I can’t put HTML code to accom,plkish it.

    This seems to be such a basic and common thing to do, I am surrised it is not offered in controls.

    So, please, how do I do that?

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  • Well, the way to do it is to enter your link as:


    But it’s not advised to put live email addresses into web pages, due to the high number of scrapers out there that will then be able to use that email address for spam. Much better to show the email address in an altered form such as:


    That way it’s still should be obvious to your readers what the email address is, but scrapers will not be able to detect it.

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