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    Hello, I need help in publishing my new WordPress website. I am new at building a website, and I have created a new one with WordPress. I want to go live now, but I have another website. I contacted my website host and they said to change the general settings in WordPress and then go to my Domain Central and change the pointer from the home directory to the subdirectory and give it the name of my new one. I did this but it didn’t work, so I think I am missing something. I want to keep my same domain name. They said to contact you to help me. Could you please help me with this issue? Thank you.

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  • What Esmi says is correct.

    One thing you could do is access your Control Panel – and look for a File Manager section.

    When you open that up you should see a list of files (your old site in the ROOT of your domain) and a Folder that says which is where WP is installed and your new site lives.

    If your host was using CPanel I could give you step by step directions, but it doesn’t sound like they are. CPanel has an editor so you can make the changes there and you can upload and download from there.
    (if they are let me know and I will try to help you further)

    You will want to follow the directions Esmi posted.

    Ok esmi and dragonsjaw I am going to try all your suggestions Thank you! and I will keep you posted!

    Hello again dragonsjaw OK I found that my host has a Control Panel, I opened the file manager and I can see my files in there. So I started to follow the directions that Esmi posted. I went so far as #3. #4 says to copy the index.php and .htaccess files from the WordPress directory into the root directory-my question is where do I go to find this? in the control panel/file manager? because I cannot find anything on the WordPress. Thanks.

    Locate your wordpress sub-folder in the file manager. Copy the index.php and .htaccess file from there into the root folder.

    Ok I have copied the index.php and .htaccess, now I am looking for index.php in the root directory, and I only see an index.html, is this the same as index.php?

    esmi please help I followed the instructions and it’s not working. I am getting my old website not the new! Thanks.

    No index.html is not the same as index.php

    If you are looking in your root (public html) you may need to click the Reload button just above the file manager pane.

    If the files are not there, redo.
    Make sure you copied the files into root:

    On the left sidebar of the file manager tick open the /public html.

    Go back into your wordpress folder
    click on – highlight index.php, hold down the control key and drag into your root folder (public html)
    Do the same with .htaccess

    Once they are there open the index.php and make these changes:
    (you can use the code editor in the file manager to make these changes, just remember to save.

    Open your root directory’s index.php file in a text editor
    9. Change the following and save the file. Change the line that says:
    to the following, using your directory name for the WordPress core files:
    10. Login to the new location. It might now be

    (you would be replacing the /wordpress/ with what ever your install folder name is, I assume /wordpressbuilder/

    Thank you, but now I lost my dashboard, cannot log in. Do you know how to get it back? thanks.

    Hi dragonsjaw Now I cannot log in the dashboard. I was doing all the above changes and then I entered ‘wordpressbuilder’ in the WordPress address url and my ‘domain name’in the site url, or the other way around, cannot remember exactly. All I know is that after that change, now I cannot log in into my dashboard. Please help! Thanks.

    See if any of those things help you.

    I think the correct settings would be:
    WordPRess address:
    Site Address:

    I’ll check back in the morning, perhaps Esmi will come along and shed some light at this point.

    @arlette: what is the name of the folder on your domain that you installed WordPress into?

    Then the urls that dragonsjaw gave above will be correct.

    @arlette — how’s it going?

    Hi dragonsjaw – I had a meeting this morning. Will work on it this afternoon and will let you know what happens. Thanks.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)
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