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  • This might sound a little strange but I want to create permalinks using WordPress “New Post” editor and not so those posts on the front page once I publish them.

    I just want to use the permalinks to call those posts from anywhere on my site instead of showing them on the frontpage after publishing.. is that possible?

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  • There are different ways to do this, but an easy way is to go to:

    Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading

    And choose Front page displays: A static page. Choose a page to use as your front page. This will display no posts on your front page.

    Sorry I might not have been very clear, but I want to do this only with selective posts and not with every post.

    Any suggestions?

    So you want some posts to appear on the front page but not all?

    Does this help?

    The article talks about showing posts based on certain criteria. I am following no criteria.

    For example. I write 5 articles out of which I want only Article number 3 and five to show up on the front page and the rest just create the permalink so that I can manually place them where ever I want to on the site.

    Any suggestions?

    The random generation of posts is too important to be left to chance.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    There has to be some kind of structure or thought process or method to your madness. WordPress has to have SOMETHING finite to work with, e.g., the latest post or the oldest post or a post in a certain category. You have to give it something to work with. Rethink how you are providing content on your site or find a random post plugin.

    I think I get what syedabbas is asking… but Joni is right, there has to be some structure there – even if it actually doesn’t MEAN anything.

    syedabbas, consider creating a “bin” category, which only serves the purpose of being excluded from your main blog chronology. You can use query_posts to exclude ‘bin’ from the main page. (you can also exclude ‘bin’ from your list of categories in the sidebar, so for all intents and purposes it doesn’t exist)

    That part is now done, right?

    So now you have 132413241234 posts in the Bin… now you can use get_posts anywhere on your site to pull each of them by their post ID, one by one wherever you want.

    You can pull their extract, or just a title, or the whole thing… and link back to the full article or “permalink” as you call it.

    The post will still be viewable via its permalink, even though it doesn’t appear in the main blog chronology.

    While you say there’s no organisational structure behind which posts should appear in the bin — that doesn’t negate that the bin must exist in order for you to tell wordpress which posts to treat differently.

    Great! Thanks for the suggestion Ivovic, that should work. Smart thinking, thanks again!

    jonimueller I wouldn’t call it madness, I’d rather call it flexibility for which wordpress is known for.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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