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  • Hi all.
    I use TYPES plugin to make my custom posts, custom taxonomies and custom fields. It’s running ok and it´s very intuitive.
    But now, I need to do a Curriculum Vitae page where once submitted (this part is solved) the user can fill, on the front-end, the custom fields I’ve created for the CV page in order to create a new Curriculum. I’ve try several plugins like “Post from Site”, “WordPress User Frontend” without success. All of them show me always a normal Post, with title and content even if I use the correct shortcode for custom posts.

    Please, any help will be fully appreciated.

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  • We might be able to work with any of these plugin authors to make their plugin compatible with Types. Want to contact them and see if they’re interested too?

    Hi Amir.
    Thanks for your response. Yes, it will be fantastic. I send an email to Kelly, Post from Site author.

    Hi rickramalho. Have you ever managed to resolve this? I am looking for a plugin which allows users to type content in custom fields from the front-end, just like in your CV example. Perhaps there is a different way round?
    Thank you

    Hi Ivanoconfa.
    Not yet. I desist of this idea cause I can’t find a good solution. Still looking for a way to resolve this, not only for this project but for another too. The plugin WP User Frontend almost do it, but I can’t take the custom fields created by Types.

    I hope one day it will be a WordPress option by default.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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