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  • Hi there,

    I’m using the plugin XSPF Player to sream mp3s on my site. I don’t want the right click menu of the flash display to offer visitors the chance to download the tracks.

    Is there any way I can deleted the ‘download song’ option from the right click menu?

    Or anything I can do server side, to disallow file download but carry on allowing stream?


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Not a lot – even streamed stuff from record companies and TV stations can be caught if you know where to look.
    Those that want it will get it anyway.

    Agreed. Anything being sent to another browser (or coming in to your browser) can be ripped.

    If you’re looking to just stop the non-saavy people from copying it, though, you should contact the author of the plugin. There’s a good chance that he/she already thought of this option or could tell you the change in Macromedia Flash to make to add this option.

    I know that fundamentally there is always a way to get the audio streaming on a site, but I’m sure there must be a way to delete that line in the right click menu? It would mean more high profile artists would allow me to add their music to the playlist. Perhaps a flash coder could help me you think?

    I know you can always just get something like totalrecord etc, but thats a few steps down the line. in this case, you can simply choose an option to download the audio, and that’s what i need to stop.

    thanks for your help. any other advice?

    You can always utilize one of the “no right click” scripts around (check the free script sites). It’s certainly not going to stop anyone who’s determined…. it’s only going to stop the basically honest. But it would put another layer of “don’t go there” between your streams and potential downloaders.

    However, another and maybe better option is to see if your cPanel (or whatever your host offers – vdesk, plesk, ensim) has a “hotlinking” sort of protection – and since I’ve never used it, I don’t know whether it would work in a way to assist your situation or not. Could also check with your host to see if there’s something they could do with your setup to prevent any downloads at all.

    Good luck!

    aren’t all the ‘no right click’ scripts only for html. would it have an effect on the flash plugin?




    like this?

    Yes that can be done, obviously, BUT you are using a flash application thats been intended to allow that. If you need more info or want to talk contact me via the contact page on my blog. Dont expect an immediate respsonse though, since I am about ready to leave for work.

    In fact, the entire menu could be customized.

    “Could also check with your host to see if there’s something they could do with your setup to prevent any downloads at all.”

    I dont recommend that, that sort of defeats the purpose of having a web site, as viewing a web site is an act of a download.

    Using an htaccess to protect the music directory will not work — it will keep the songs from playing.

    The cleanest way is what ive shown in my image.

    Regarding the plugin, waraxe, .. the plug-in is merely for easy addition into a blog; the plugin author is not the flash coder of the player.

    The license agreeement :

    “Music Player is Open Source Software, licensed under the BSD and can be used and modified by anyone, including for commercial purposes”

    That about covers it, I could make any changes you wanted..

    thanks whoohami. please let me know that you have got my email. all the best,


    I’m the author of the XSPF player plugin (Not the Flash player itself).

    Since It’s GPL, I’ve hacked it to disable the song downloading.

    You can get the modified version from my site: (extended version with disabled downloading) (tiny version with disabled downloading)

    That’s really nice of you! Thanks….

    Thanks a lot Boriel! All the best.

    Well there you go, Tony. It doesn’t get much better than that.


    I totally agree. 🙁

    These is GPL-free work. And people prevents sharing (in fact it was designed to promote feee music).

    Could you remove the “About Hideout” link in the dropdown right click menue, as well?

    I’ve modified the latest player shown on (I guess the shuffle feature was added in version 0.2.4)

    Things changed:
    Ripped out any download or webjay links & set the default playlist to audio.xspf (if you place xspf_player.swf in the same directory as audio.xspf, it will load it when you view xspf_player.swf).

    I didn’t download the source, just decompiled the version on the page since it seems like it’s newer than the 0.2.3 that is available as of now.

    NOTE: Also changed the font to something more tasteful. I Only included the extended since you can set it’s height to 15 and you have basically the same thing as the slim.

    Thanks dvz3ro

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