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[Plugin: Events Manager] Prevent Booking more than one event at the same time

  • I’ve just started using Event Manager and it looks nearly perfect, but there is one major hang up that I haven’t figured out how to get around.

    I’ve got several events and I found that users can book themselves in multiple events happening at the same time. This is bad.

    Is there any way for the booking to check and show an message similar to “You’re already booked for this event” but instead “You’re already booked for an event during this time”?

    Thanks so much for any direction on how to do this,


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    You’d have to use some php, but it’s possible. I can give you some general guidance if you can code.

    Hi Marcus,

    Pointing me where to start would be great. My PHP skills a little rusty, but in my head I think it’s going to look at little like this:

    $[gametime] = “SELECT [gametime] FROM [tablename] WHERE [userid] = $userid”

    foreach ($[gametime] as $value) {
    if ($value == $[newgameselection]) {
    echo “You are already in a game or event at this time slot. Please choose another game or event.”

    I’m just not sure the specific of what I’ll be looking at yet or where I should be putting this.



    Plugin Author Marcus


    hook into the em_booking_add and if you use this:

    $EM_Person = new EM_Person($user_id);
    $bookings = $EM_Person->get_bookings();
    count($bookings) = x;

    output JSON accordingly and exit if needed

    see em-actions line 249 for more info

    Thanks Marcus, I’ll give that a shot tonight.



    Hi Marcus,

    I’m digging up this old thread because I hired a developer to implement the changes you suggested. He’s done it and the fix works wonderfully, preventing users from booking two events at the same time.

    Can I send you the code he wrote? Seeing as the work is already done, I think this could make a cool addition to the plugin.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    sure, i’d certainly have a look at including it, if you could reach us via our plugin page contact form, link here, we’ll get in touch.


    I am trying to enable users to book several events, with the same email, without login, does anyone know how to do that? just get a message that says login, but i want it to go through without login.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Enable guest bookings, and there’s an option to allow double bookings in the booking and ticketing options in settings.

    Hi seannittner, have you resolved your problem? I’ve the same problem too, can you help me? Thank you!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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