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    When someone subscribes to be a user, let’s say “contributor”, is there an option for him not to see emails and IPs of others???
    I’d like any one could subscribe to be a contributor but he will be able to see details of any one else and therefor can cause trouble.

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  • vad111


    Please any one, Is there such option in WP?

    Jeremy Clark


    Have a look at the role manager plugin.



    Hi jeremyclark13,
    this great plug-in but it didn’t help as users still can get access to emails and IPs of people who leave comments.
    Any other ideas how I can prevent it???



    Please, any one!!! Are there any other options or ideas???



    Here’s a quick-baked plugin:

    Erase Commenter Details
    Download plugin | View source

    Removes IP, e-mail and URL from the ‘general’ comments admin pages (those a contributor can access). It tests on whether the user can publish posts — typically the domain of author and above.

    Note to the future: The plugin could be refined to disallow authors as well, however, they have to ability to edit comments on their posts, and here the email cannot be removed entirely without having an edit submission clear that field in the database (not without a far more complicated plugin, that is).



    Wow that exactly what I needed!!! It works:)
    Thanks a lot:)


    thanks so much for this.

    We implemented it, but there’s still two problems.

    This is working:

    People who post on my blog are “contributors.” They now cannot see emails / IP addresses in the comments (under “manage” or in the comments on the front end).

    This is not working:


    In the Manage–>Posts, you can click on the number of comments and see the full range of info. on the commenter.

    The full information is available whether you were the post writer or not. (It so happens that I don’t even want post contributors to see this.)


    Authors of posts (regardless of status) receive an email notifying them of comments to their posts. Those also show the full IP/email info.

    I do not think there is a built in check-box to disable that in WordPress, as I searched for one.

    My friend Javitxu and me have developed a full solution based in Kaf Oseo plugin because it’s GPL.

    I’ve wrote a post in my personal blog ( UNIX & CISCO & HACKS ) with a link to the improved wordpress plugin. The post is dated January 21, 2008.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Keep the good work folks.


    Very very cool plugin vlan7…I think users have been waiting on something like this for a long time!!!

    I would love to get this plugin, but when I click the link on the UNIX & Hacks & Cisco page, it goes to another page which has a download link….but that link just seems to reload the same page over and over. Anyone know what’s up?


    I went to the link:

    And clicked “download” and got a plug-in.

    I have not tried it yet.

    Wow – this is awesome. It appears to totally work. Thanks so much!

    Having tried much of the above, I have found that an effective way is to duplicate wp-admin/edit-comments.php
    Rename your comments administration file to something that will enable you to access it.
    Create a new wp-admin/edit-comments.php file with this content
    <BODY onLoad="history.go(-1);;return false">
    Your contributors will not see the comments, but will effectively stay where they were.
    I edit my comments by opening the ‘Comments’ in a new tab and replacing the wp-admin/edit-comments.php with the working URL (e.g. wp-admin/edit-comment2.php)

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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