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  • Hi, I’m ultimately looking for a way to import pages into WP from my own custom application that I can make to generate pretty much any type of output. One method that I tried and that worked (except for the one thing this post is about) is the generate an XML file in the WP export format and import that file.

    Now, my pages have hrefs to other pages in the same set of pages of the type <p><a href="http://localhost/wordpress/?page_id=82" title="Link to first page">Link to first page</a></p>. Since the page indices change after import, the links break. I thought maybe permalinks would be a solution but (a) I don’t know if they survive the import and (b) I simply can’t get them to work. I’ve read the Codex and various support posts but ran out of stamina tweaking Apache2 conf files.

    What is the best way to preserve WP internal links during import w/o using permalinks?

    Is there an even smarter way to import pages than the XML file? A direct API to the database maybe where I can create my own indices and thus keep track of all links.



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