How to present elegant "page" / child and sibling navigation at any depth (1 post)

  1. guyweb
    Posted 6 years ago #

    There are many snippets of code and various plugins that will generate various types of WordPress page (wp_list_pages) navigation but none achieve the specific navigation that my site requires.

    I'm after a the kind of nav that is found on PHP.net.

    See the nav in the left-hand sidebar on this page:


    Here's what it provides:

    1. A "vertical" breadcrumb or ancestral path back to the root.
    2. A list containing the current page and it's siblings.

    This kind of navigation allows us to move through deep and complex hierarchy relatively easily whilst still maintaining a good idea of where we are within the structure.

    When viewing the parent page of the page I link above you'll see that the navigation pattern is preserved:


    We can navigate to the children of the page using the list in the main content region.

    So the complete navigation system is:

    1. Sidebar nav incorporating a vertical breadcrumb and sibling navigation
    2. Content nav listing just the children of the current page (but not all descendants).

    My question is -- can this be done in WordPress and how?

    Many thanks in advance.

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