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  • Hi guys. Im new to using wordpress, but I’ve done my research and it seems to be just what I need.

    I have created a website (I’ve not yet uploaded no link sorry) And I want to use wordpress to power it.

    Much like

    I know he uses wordpress to update his website. How do I do this? Is there some sort of code I can add to my HTML that will show topics I post on my WordPress blog on my own website? Or is it some sort of seperate plugin.

    Ive looked everywhere but no luck, if anyone could prvide links to tutorials or any information I’d appreciate it.

    Regards, Pete

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  • maybe not quite what you want to do(not sure its possible), but there are a few tutorials on converting HTML into a WordPress theme.

    The links to everything you need in order to download and install WordPress are right here.

    You’ll also need to set up a database with your web hosting company since the content for your pages is served up by a database.

    It’s remarkably easy to set WordPress up, although it can be a bit confusing first time.

    I was assuming that since you’d said you hadn’t uploaded you don’t actually have a functioning site that you want to convert and that you want to install WordPress. Let me know if that was a false assumption.

    Hi guys, thanks for the info. @ Haecceity yes I do have a functioning site, ive made it from HTML and CSS however I dont want to edit my code each time I want to update, Id like it in a blog format.

    So it seems the way to do it is to convert my website to a wordpress theme, though im guessing I’d pretty much have to re-design? Im thinking this because perhaps there are limitations to wordpress, although my site was designed with a blog style.

    Actually, IMO, the limitation is the other way around. WordPress is not limited, but rather your static blog site is (I don’t say this with malice). WordPress is extremely flexible and the theming system is great. It will not be *that difficult* to port your existing blog design into a WordPress theme. You will be so much happier once you do that because you have the flexibility of redesigning the look of your website as often as you want without affecting the content.

    Post your URL and let me see the design. Perhaps I can give you a few pointers to get you started. It’s not very difficult to do.

    Yes, it’s easier to scrap your old site and start over with WordPress. I recently converted a 500 to 600 page site to WordPress and it was a smart move. You can easily copy any existing material over and gain the flexibility that WordPress offers. If you have any kind of traffic at all on the existing site you can set up rules in an htaccess file that seamlessly redirect people from the old pages to the new ones.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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