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  • Sometimes when I post a box comes up asking if I want to do it visually or by code and other times, I just have one post box without that option. If you do it by code, you need to insert line breaks or paragraph tags, but if there isn’t those two options, line breaks ar e inserted automatically. That’s a lot easier, so I’d like to do it that way all the time.

    But, it’s random how that works. Using the same computer (Mac OS 10.4) and same browser (Safari), it seems to vary randomly between what format it will give me for each post.

    Then when you try editing something that you did with automatic page breaks on a code layout, that’s really tough…

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  • do you mean “how to turn off the visual editor”?

    Jeremy Clark



    To turn off the visual editor click on the my profile link in your dashboard then uncheck the box that says use visual editor.



    It would be so much nicer if we could simply choose which to set as the default. I don’t want to turn off visual but I don’t want it as the default either.

    Anyone know how to “fix” this?



    Is there any way to simply get rid of the visual editor altogether–permanently for ALL users in a way that prevents it from ever being turned back on? I hate the damn thing–I don’t want it changing what I write. If I want 3 spaces I want three spaces and I don’t want some javascript crap mucking with my data…



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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