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  • I’m new and can’t seem to figure out how to post videos. I made a new page title videos; could someone briefly tell me how to post videos to that page? When I add videos, it’s a link and you have to click on the link for the video to open. So at least I know the video is working. Thanks

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  • If you plan to embed a Youtube video, copy the link from Share/Embed and just paste the code onto your page.

    If you want to create a link to a video in a new page, then highlight your word and click on the link button. A popup window will appear where you can type in your YouTube link and specify the name of the page.

    I’m not sure if you got your question answered, but I’m having no luck plopping a youtube video into a post. By “Share/Embed” do you mean the “Upload/Insert” button because I don’t see that option to share/embed anywhere on the site. Also, the upload/insert isn’t helping either. Thanks ahead of time.

    Depends on where your video file is located. Is it on your harddrive or is it on some hosting platform such as Youtube?

    Are you saying that you are trying to upload your video from the harddisk? Or are you trying to put a link to the video host such as Youtube? If it is the latter, then the Share/Embed is at the video host.

    I’m trying to put link a video from youtube to display on my site. I now see that embed bit on youtube, but I guess what I’m missing now is the correct format to post the video properly.

    I’ve tried the following methods and variations on my what my friend says he does using wordpress to put videos on his site.
    [youtube link] (this is the one my friend says he uses)

    None of them work, I hope I’m just doing it wrong. Please tell me it’s a simple fix. Thanks for the speedy reply, I was expecting it to be a day or so.

    If you want the YouTube video to appear on the same page as your text, just copy the whole section in the Embed and paste it into the section under the HTML tab.

    If you want a page to popup with the video, type in your text in the section under Visual tab, highlight the text and click on the link button. A window will popup. Copy the link in the Youtube browser, and paste it into the window.

    Hope I am clear in my explanation.

    You were clear, however, it still appears that I am missing a step. While copying the embed section into the html tab, it creates a space for the video to be posted, but on the created preview page it just shows a giant space where the video should be. It looks like I just spaced down before typing the wrest of the article. On the visual tab, it does look like a blank html window has been added (like when you add a picture), but this is also empty and just has a little icon in the center.

    Sorry to be so troublesome, but thank you for sticking with me.

    And for some reason after turning my computer off and back real quick because I had an idea, the link just works now. like I said before though, it looked it made space for it, but showed nothing. I just needed to refresh the page and it shows up.

    Thanks for your help.


    So glad to be able to help and that everything is working!

    Here I have mentioned below the link to know how to post videos. You can get cleared with all your issues about WordPress videos.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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