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    I am currently stuck with the process of adding Facebook to my website.

    I have the app with is associated to my Facebook page, and have installed the WordPress Facebook plugin, and activated via the app id and secret from my newly created Facebook app and page.

    I have edited the social publisher the best i can, as my WordPress experience level is basic.

    I have been unable to generate a story for my app in Facebook, which i think is why Facebook will not allow my app to be submitted.
    Hence i think this is why the meta boxes that SHOULD be on my website page editor as missing (is this correct?), allowing me to publish my posts to my linked Facebook page.

    If my app is un-submitted in Facebook, does this disable the plugin to allow posts to be linked from my website to my page.

    When i go to app details/submit app details page. i receive an error saying my app can not be submitted.

    I have tried the debugger in the plugin, it just returns me to my app details in Facebook. And offers no assistance to a layman of what to edit or amend.

    The Facebook help is of little use, it seems that it is all biased towards code and pasting this directly to a server via a text editor.
    Why do i need this if i have web hosting, WordPress installed, a theme installed, a Facebook page, Facebook app and the WordPress Facebook plugin installed?

    There is no specific WordPress tutorials about the app submitting process.

    Surely the plugin for WordPress does not require this amount of detail coding just to use the plugin?

    Also can you help with how to generate a story, action types and story.
    My website is a housing property classifieds. I want to be a able to publish my new property listings to my new Facebook page via the plugin and app. Do i need to generate a story and submit my app for approval to activate that aspect of the Facebook plugin.?

    thank-you for your help.

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  • smallboy


    The error i get when i try to submit my app for review.

    “Ineligible Submission
    Your app does not have high enough ratings and user engagement to be eligible for the App Center at this time.”

    Is this due to a incomplete story and open graph?





    Can anyone please give me some guidance and advice over the error message above that i receive when i try to submit my app in facebook.

    I am struggling to create a story that facebook will accept. And as yet cannot publish my website listings and articles to my facebook page.

    My website is a property classifieds, what do you think is the best way to create a story-action-type so that i can publish my new property listing to my facebook page.

    Thankyou for your help

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