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  • Just recently I had to “interrupt” another thread to ask how to post a new topic. I just now noticed that someone else did the same thing.

    Maybe one of the moderators could post a sticky that would explain it? It’s not as intuitive here as in some forums, where there is a “new post” icon at the top and bottom of every page! I appreciate the lack of clutter, but I’m sure it’s confusing to newbies, and even to some of us who’ve been around a long time w/o needing to post anything new.

    In case someone happens to stumble on THIS thread someday, the answer to your question is: click a topic in the “tag cloud” on the left side of the main support page, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the resulting page. There you’ll find the elusive “new topic” form.


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  • Or scroll down on the main page until you see the “sections” and pick the one where your question would fit. Click.
    Scroll down again and you’ll see the text area for a new topic.
    Of course, as it says there: search first 😉

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