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  • The FIRST thing you should have done, was add the tag “semiologic”, because the guy (denis), that handles this “semiologic” stuff, views for posts tagged “semiologic”.

    And he would stop by here ALOT faster then. 😉 I don’t know his/denis’s plugins, and things too well, so.. hopefully he’ll be by soon. Good luck!


    latest from denis
    Hi Alto,

    Not to worry, you’re on my todo list. I get about 200 emails per day, and a
    few of these are typically related to servers being down, and I give these a
    higher priority.


    email from denis:
    Hi Alto,

    I’m assuming you are using the default WordPress theme:

    Towards the beginning of your sidebar.php file, immediately after:

  • <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH .
    ‘/searchform.php’); ?>
  • Paste the following:

  • <?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?>
  • And things should work fine.


email from alto:
hi denis
yes i am using default wordpress theme as a testing blog. just to make sure it works.
i am sorry to ask this again,
i have asked four times now and i quess maybe i am asking the wrong questions, but here it is again anyway.

i have made the sidebar page.
i havae activated the sidebar-tile plugin
i haveplace the snippet wher you have told me to.

what do i do now?

thankyou again.

email from denis:
…. that’s… all you do… see the sidebar content here:


email from alto:
hi denis
what is supposed to happen now.
is there meant to be anything in the sidebar page?

to make sure that my theme is absolutely clean for sidebar-tile,
i have been doing some validation of my themes for the last 6 hours.
also, you can see that i have added theme-switcher, so that you can have a look at sidebar-tile in BOTH themes.

thankyou denis


email from denis:
the sidebar tile plugin sticks the content of your sidebar page where you
call the_sidebar_tile(). It does absolutely nothing else… 😐


email from alto:
hi denis
thankyou for persevering.

and i know you are very busy …
i quess though we would both like to see your fine plugin working.
i do not understand what your following words mean. ie i still do not know what the sidebar tile plugin actually does ….

“the sidebar tile plugin sticks the content of your sidebar page where you
call the_sidebar_tile(). It does absolutely nothing else… 😐

“the content of your sidebar page ” …..

there is nothing in my sidebar page
perhaps if i ask you another way.

i have made the sidebar page.
i have activated the sidebar-tile plugin
i have placed the plug in the sidebar.php where you said to

when the sidebar tile is working correctly, i will see …

1 what?
2 where?

this is the link for the page

5 days ago, i made a How To for wordpress.
should be able to complete it soon.



You need to have created a page with a slug of “sidebar”. In this page you can craft whatever content you want it it will be rendered in your sidebar where you inserted the <?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?> code. In your case you’d want to insert <?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?> for your menu-right-right or menu-right-left code is.

For future reference, Denis has created forums for Semiologic and the plugins at You can use these to get further assistance from other Semiologic users.


That is a great plugin. I hard hard-coded an announcement in my right sidebar but now this plugin makes changing the announcement much easier.

You can see it working at
Thanks, jim

latest emails:
i used to think i was sound of mind.
Hi Alto,

I saw a long thread in the WP forum. Can you confirm you no longer have
problems understanding the plugin?

hi denis,
thankyou for getting back to me.
can i confirm?

i can not confirm yet.
although i hold great hopes that you can assist me to understand.


I’m sincerily running out of ideas to rephrase what the plugin does… :-[

Attempt 1: The plugin lets you create a static page to manage content that
goes into your sidebar. To use it, create a static page called sidebar.
Then, insert the_sidebar_tile(); into your sidebar.php file where you want
this page’s contents to get displayed.

Attempt 2: The plugin lets you manage an area of your sidebar using
WordPress’ static page editor. To use it, create a static page called
sidebar. This static page’s contents (i.e. what you wrote in the WP editor)
will display wherever you call the_sidebar_tile();.


hi mike, dennis:
thankyou. i will be very glad to see this work. i humbly apologise that i cannotyet see what to do.
i can see a few new words which i have not seen you use before … sidebar slug?
FOR ANYone WHO MIGHT be interested
login with my temporary
username dingbat
password dingbat
and see the page called “sidebar”

following is what i have done thus far …
i have made the sidebar page
ie i have created a new page and named it “sidebar”
Mike Koepke: could i ask you?
have i done what you have described? ie
“You need to have created a page with a slug of “sidebar”.

PS to mike: i did go to f0rums

When you create a static page, WordPress assigns it an identifier (a slug). But you shouldn’t be worrying about this, as this is done automatically. For your sake, having a page called Sidebar is good enough. Speaking of which, I recall I had created it on your test site, to show you.

denis: you have loggin in and entered some text in the sidebar page. yes it is now very clear to me what sidebar-tile is and does. it is a wonderful and brilliant plugin. thankyou. i am using it with joy and satisfaction.
for any who wish to see a temporary example –
The text example is the “OK, kids …”

for this webpage, if you were to log in as an administrator, you would also see a link called “edit sidebar text” underneath the example text “OK, kids …” . No users except for administrators can see this link.

if you do wish to see behind the scenes, you can login in with a temporary username with editor status (i will delete this user in a couple of days). go to manage pages and open sidebar page.

username sidebar
password tile

i have put up a “how to use sidebar-tile” topic
to replace this one.

in a few days, i will mark this topic as resolved.
i will ask that this topic be removed, as the new topic, devoid of confusion, is a more helpful topic to others.
i am flabbergasted. over 3 months trying to make a perfectly fine plugin do a non-existent task.

i should have said to you: please save us all agony, and login and do whatever needs doing so i can see what it is and how it works.

this whole time, we have been talking at cross-purposes.
we are talking about 2 entirely different things.

i was expecting to see the contents of my sidebar.php appear in the sidebar page so that i could edit the sidebar.php in wordpress without having to open a text editor.

how is this possible? how did i get this impression?

i thought i understood your introduction perfectly.
“This plugin will be useful to any WordPress user who prefers to manage customizable sidebar text (e.g. “about me”) from WordPress rather than from an HTML editor.”

i thought “sidebar text” meant “sidebar.php”
so of course, i have been waiting for the “sidebar.php” text to appear somewhere.

email to denis:
hi denis
thankyou, thankyou. since you placed the text in the sidebar, i can perfectly see the what and how and where of your wonderful plugin.
i am implementing it with gusto!
i wrote a second How To on the wordpress – to complement your documentation on your sidebar tile page on your site – which might be useful to others new to the plugin.

my torture is over, may our correspondence R.I.P.
thankyou again, the plugin is georgeous and elegant and easy.
your fan, alto

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