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  1. calx601
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi to all!

    A theme I once used (don't recall name) switched the basic behavior of my site, so that all posts (not pages) show up under the "BLOG" menu which carries the following URL:

    The way it's wired up, blogs show up here only if for each post, category=blog is selected. So, if I create a new post, without selecting category=blog, my new post doesn't show up.

    Other WP sites I use publish a new post automatically to whichever permalink structure I select and then show up on the 'blog' menu...

    What changes would I make to have all my blog posts show up under a generic "BLOG" menu?

    Additionally, despite having checked the "For each article in a feed, display summary" all blog posts listed show the full article. Any way I can reset this feature?

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