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  • sghoepfner


    I am helping a friend updating his wordpress website. The next step will be updating it – but before I am just going crazy over one menu that insist in not appear, while all the others do.
    When I look into ‘Menu’ section, everything in that menu is just like the other 2. However the Portuguese appear with 3 menus. The English with 2. The third mysterious menu does not appear on the right panel. But the pages are there, accessible via URL name.
    It has 2 pages, also the 2 pages look with exact settings as the pages belonging to the other menus.
    I would like to have tips on how could I perform check routine to try to spot the difference, what makes that menu to not appear…
    I have tried to:
    create a new menu (it does not appear).
    add new pages to the elusive 3rd menu (does not show either)
    remove pages, add again (nope)

    I have noticed none of the 3 in English nor in Portuguese have any of the Menu settings nor ‘location settings’ ticket. Everything is not checked. but if I check them, it does produce any effect, no change.

    Also I have no idea how could I, for instance, invert their order, let us say 1,2,3 to 3,2,1.
    I am clueless… and it is really a very basic website. Any ideas?

    website. – English with only 2 menus showing – Portuguese with 3 menus showing.

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