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    I have an idea for a new site which I would like to be as automated as possible. There is going to be a small fee for a members section.

    I would like that when a user pays with paypal, that wordpress then creates them a user account and makes them verified for the members only section.

    How do I do this? Or rather, what is the best way to do this?


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  • Thank-you for your reply.

    Are there any potential issues with going this route? Or should it be totally seamless?

    My thought – I don´t want to lose potential members for instance, if there can be “glitches” – This is why I have always done manually in the past, to ensure continuity, but I think it´s time I went automated for new sites so once set up they are not at all time consuming.

    Are there limitations?

    it’s all depend if the plugin author thought on the “glitches”.
    make sure to test it with paypal sandbox, with success pay, wrong
    detail in payment etc …

    OK. Thankyou yehudah

    Anyone else with feedback on this matter?

    Any other options?


    It there a way of registering new users for free, then after a specific amount of time they have to complete a paypal payment to retain access?

    I want to be able to offer new registered users access for 7 days (without user giving CC or PayPal details) then to have to complete PayPal at the 7 day stage, if they want to retain access.


    Try the s2member plug in. It does what you want and a whole lot more, so may be overkill for you.

    Thanks for your reply. It seems the s2members plugin only does this with the paid version. (IE: to be able to access without payment details for the first 7 days, and only then charge and get the payment details).

    Is there any free plugin that will do it?

    Paid Memberships Pro.

    Excellent plugin. Does everything I need (and more) and great support. Great for people with the knowledge to code and set it up themselves, totally free in that regard and for those that require specialist coding and support there´s a very reasonable fee option.

    I tried S2 and PMpro, and definitely preferred PMpro as it is more user friendly and free for my use. I was easily able to set up a trial period for new members without them having to give any payment details, then after the trial period they are asked to pay a subscription, only then do they have to give payment details. Perfect!

    Want to say it again. PMPRO PMPRO PMPRO. lol. Weeks on and it gets better, it is totally configurable and excellent quality.

    It really is a fantastic plugin, and totally free for developers. I´m grateful to them for all the work they put into it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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