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  • Hi,

    I am trying to insert some data in my custom tables in wordpress database, for which I am using $wpdb object, and its implicit functions, e.g.:
    $p1 = “Harriet’s Adages”;
    $p2 = “WordPress’ database interface is like Sunday Morning: Easy.”;

    $wpdb->query( $wpdb->prepare(

    INSERT INTO testing
    ( par1, par2, par3 )
    VALUES ( %d, %s, %s )
    ) );

    The above code is working fine. However, when I am assigning the parameter p1, and p2 values from a form fields, it is inserting blank values in db.
    for following code:
    $p1 = $_POST[‘FirstName’];
    $p2 = $_POST[‘LastName’];

    echo $p1;
    echo $p2;

    The above code prints the correct value, that I entered in html textboxes, but when I pass the same paramters in insert query as stated above, it passes the blank values for string, and 0 for integer. Please suggest, what might be the problem. I am new to wordpress.


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