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    Hi, i am using mailpeot for my client. i am a wordpress developer and i want some help from you.
    If i create an email and send it. i also want that email to be shown on a page. Can you please tell me how can i parse the email data. OR if you can help me in doing this on another method.


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  • Hi

    You can do that the other way around
    First create a post containing the news.
    Then in mailpoet create a mail that contains the button to show this post. Or you can use the standard which shows the last posts (configurable)
    Hope this helps you

    i actually want to show the complete email, i want to show everything added in the email editor, with header, footer etc.

    That was I tried to explain to you!
    If you create a post with the same layout as the email, then you have what you requested. It saves you time to program, because it is not necessary.
    I use SiteBuilder on my site to create posts. You can make the post look exactly like the one created with mailpoet
    The only thing you have to do, is to create a mailpoet mail with the button that contains the link to the latest post. Or create a mail with the button provided by mailpoet and set the postnumber into the setting of the button.
    You need to have a look at the possibillities shown on the right of the mailpoet screen. There you will find the block to show automatically the latest posts.
    Test it and see if it fits your needs.

    Thank you for your time but i didn’t got you. I actually want to show this on one of my website page.

    I want all the contents showing in the screenshot above.

    Thank you.


    Hi Yasir,

    I understood what you want, but I have the impression that my reply is not understood
    Have a look at the following link
    Previously we did create an email containing this info. Now we only send an email containing a button that links to this page.
    If you add your footer and header you have what you requested.
    At the end you want to preserve the mail contents on your site, which does not happen if you put all this info in a mail.

    If you have created an mailpoet email, you can export that mail. I believe it is exported in json format.
    Maybe with this export file you can create a page by hardcoding it.

    Plugin Author MailPoet


    Hi Yasir,

    You can either do what Peter suggested. Or you can view the in browser version once sent. View the source and copy and paste the HTML source into a page. 🙂


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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