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    My site isn’t live right now.

    Home is the only breadcrumb that displays on my archive pages of blog excerpts. The homepage says home and so do the archive breadcrumbs — and on those pages home isn’t a link.

    So it seems to be treating all archive pages as standalone home pages.

    How do I create a breadcrumb that looks like this:

    Home / Page 1

    I’m reading everything I can and can’t seem to figure it out. Thank you!!

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  • I just noticed this:

    When I click the ‘Older posts’ link at the bottom of my blog post on the homepage and go to the next page, the breadcrumb at the top says home, but the tab in my Safari browser says Page 2 of 2.

    Does it do that automatically? It’s great, but I’d also love the breadcrumb to say the same thing.


    Plugin Support Md Mazedul Islam Khan


    It sounds like you are referring the paginated archives pages. Yoast SEO doesn’t add the page number in the breadcrumb path for the paginated archives page.

    However, we would be happy to create a feature request for this. Before we do this, we’d like to know what would be the use case for this as the paginated archives already have a pagination to switch to different pages and the pagination also shows the currently active page. So, we are not sure why would like to use and see the current page and page number in the breadcrumb path on the paginated archives page. Would you mind to elaborate more on that, please?


    I’m using ‘Older posts’ and ‘Newer posts’ for my entry footer navigation. So, the breadcrumb pagination wouldn’t be redundant.

    In fact, I find it very helpful being able to see the page number at the top. I could change the location of the navigation links, but it works better at the bottom and encourages people to click through to the next page once they’ve scrolled down and seen my post excerpts.

    Also, as it stands, for the StudioPress eleven40 Pro theme anyway, the only breadcrumb I’m seeing when I click ‘Older posts’ at the bottom of my full-content post on the homepage and go to the next page is ‘Home.’ When I’m on page 2, I’m not home; I’m on page 2.

    The ‘Home’ breadcrumb isn’t a link to take me back to the homepage, and it’s not a correct description of the current page, which is an archive page of excerpts. So, it looks kind of clunky and it’s non-functional.

    Because I can’t figure out how to replace ‘Home’ on my archive pages with different text, I’m going to have to disable Yoast breadcrumbs or revert to a plugin that caused some odd problems for me.

    Some to note: WordPress’s built-in breadcrumbs does the same thing with the ‘Home’ breadcrumb on my archive pages. Is this a standard practice, or could something be wrong with my theme or how things are configured? It’s one of the remaining details that’s preventing me from launching my new website. I’m stuck and can’t find a solution anywhere.

    I need to clarify that it’s a normal function of this plugin to only have ‘Home’ on the archive pages. The homepage says ‘Home’ and when I click to the next page, I see the same thing.

    But I’m not on the home page anymore.

    This is normal? I know you said Yoast doesn’t paginate archive pages, but I don’t understand why. I also don’t recall having seen ‘Home’ as a standalone breadcrumb when I’m clicking the ‘Older posts’ link at the bottom of someone’s homepage for their blog and entering their archives.

    Plugin Support Md Mazedul Islam Khan


    Thanks for suggesting a new feature for our plugin! We’re actively using the bug tracking on our GitHub repository so your best next step would be to create a new feature request for our developers at You can create a new issue to submit your feature request. You will need an account to create one.

    Don’t forget to include the URL to this conversation in your feature request!

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