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  • Hello dear community.
    I have one heavy page that contains over 40 little images. They are displayed as masonary and grouped by genres. Then. Every single image is a url that leads to another page. There are as well supposed to be 3-4 Ads placements.
    So, as you already may understand all this makes my page extra slow. Heavy in terms of size and massy in terms of http requests.

    I wonder how can I optimize this page so that it would load faster. Any ideas?
    One more thingm this page could be static, I can create it only once and there won’t be any dynamic content neither daily or weekly updates.

    Please guide me on this issue.
    Thank you in advance.

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  • You may consider to check individual image file-size.
    If, on average, each image file-size is 200KB , then 40 images will become 8MByte.

    To speed up website speed, you may consider to save/optimize the image files to a lower file-size (i.e. lower JPEG quality).
    For example, around 100KB for each image, 40 images = 4MByte.

    Also, you may consider to employ some CDN (Content Delivery Network, e.g. Amazon EC2, with plugin – W3 super cache or else) to speed up the loading.
    Note: Most CDN may require subscription

    Or use plugins that smartly adjust compression ratios of your images to reduce their size on disk without visibly altering their visual quality.

    I remember one name, Wp-smush-it (there, I googled it, ), but there are several other ones doing the same job, either free or paying.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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