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  • Hello again,
    I have a blog post that’s being hosted on another site. I have an excerpt of the piece on my site, with a link to the full version, which is just a redirect (301 I believe) to the other site. However, I did this by filling in some field in WP. Since the redirect is to another site, does anyone know how to make that link open in a new tab or window?

    This is easy in HTML, but I wouldn’t even know where to find the code in this post and don’t know PHP. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much,

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  • Just to add, I tried downloading a few plug-ins but none of them worked properly. One called: Open External Links in a New Window opened only external links in new tabs/windows OR allowed you to add a pattern or exception.

    Unfortunately, I wanted to add just a few URLs that aren’t in any certain patterns. They just redirect to other sites (guest blog posts). I’d rather not change the URLs to make them all similar as I don’t want broken links showing up in strange places. Not sure if that would work anyway.

    Anyone know of a good workaround? Simply want to specify that certain links on my page open in another window or tab. I don’t know how to access this in the code.

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