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    Hi Petri, I have your plugin on my website and i love it.

    So far in all my posts using it – i have all the images set as thumbnails and of course when one of these are clicked it opens up the gallery screen. perfect. example –

    However, I want to now set up pages with catalogues of my art work. and with this I don’t want to have a load of thumbnails / medium images on the page. I want to do something different.

    – therefore my question today is – is it possible to open up the gallery screen by clicking on one main clickable image on a page?

    In other words – when someone opens a catalogue page – they will see one medium sized clickable photo of a painting of mine and a small intro write up to the side of it, when the someone clicks on photo – the whole gallery screen and thumnail runner to bottom opens up and all the work / titles / sizes, etc is viewed from there.

    I looked at your website yesterday and saw you had such a thing for your old interrail photos. But i dont know how to do that. Could you please let me know how to do that, i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much. joan

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  • Plugin Author pdamsten


    Gallery opens from the main image in my custom theme but that’s theme doing some ‘magic’ in background. You can do that with fsg_link keyword ( but there is no fancy gui for that. But if gallery is not changed all the time and you copy picture ids from eg. existing gallery it is doable.

    Thanks Petri for replying ( I was away from PC for a while) I’ll check that out. Thanks so much. joan

    Not sure how to do that.

    for example on my test page in ‘text’ – it shows [gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="5608,5610,5616,5615,5614"] – that of course shows thumbnails on page opening up to the gallery screen

    do i? – [fsg_photobox include=”5608,5610,5616,5615,5614″ rows”5″ cols=”1″]
    or ? [gallery link="file" ids="5608,5610,5616,5615,5614"] but nothing shows cos i dont know where to attach that to a one photo. hum?

    Plugin Author pdamsten


    In your case it would be:
    [fsg_link include=”5608,5610,5616,5615,5614″]<img src=”your_image_here.jpg”> or some text[/fsg_link]

    Thanks so much Petri. I will try that soon. brilliant. joan

    Hi Petri,

    This is what I posted in the text end of test post with a test photo –

    [fsg_link include=”5608,5610,5616,5615,5614″]<img src=”tiny-art-galleries.jpg”>[/fsg_link] screen shot from backend –

    This is what it looks like front end – screen shot – It is clickable, good, and the gallery screen opens up fine and shows the 5 images as per usual, only thing is the image is not showing on the post, only a funny clickable link. Same if i use just text without an image – looks like <img src=Gallery > on the post.

    I tested it on with a different theme and its the same, so no problem with theme.

    What am I not doing right? what do I need to make the one clickable image show on post?

    thanks so much, joan

    Plugin Author pdamsten


    html (img tag) should be entered in text mode instead of visual mode.

    Thank you Petri. I did enter it into the text mode unless I am missing something here.

    I just noticed I used the – spaces instead of _ tiny-art-galleries.jpg I’ll go rename and reupload that test photo to tiny_art_galleries.jpg

    ok it works in text now – in text mode [fsg_link include=”5608,5610,5616,5615,5614″]Title[/fsg_link]

    – shows the clickable word Title to open up gallery. grand.

    but with an image.jpg it now only shows a broken image link on front end. in text mode – [fsg_link include=”5608,5610,5616,5615,5614″]<img src=”test_image.jpg”>[/fsg_link]

    its clickable to open up gallery, but only broken image shows.

    i’ll get to the bottom of this

    RESOLVED !!!! Yipppeee ! I put in the full URL for the photograph and it worked. Good Stuff. Thank you Petri. Joan

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