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  • Hi Guys,

    im designing a website as a favour for someone using Blackbird theme, im a new to wordpress but that is what they wanted (lol)

    im having a few problems with it so far, and alot of the “codes” i can find, simply dont work (or i may be putting them in the wrong place?)

    1 – the 3 circles at the bottom of the page, im trying to use them to place in promoted products, i wanted these as squares, i managed to set these but then wordpress asked me to update and changed tham back to circles, now for the life of me i cannot get htem back to squares again…

    2 – all of the text is just “floating” on the home page, i was wondering if it was possible to insert a solid box around the text (text box) so that i can upload a custom background.

    3 – when i upload a background, on my laptop works fine and shows as 1 whole image, but on larger screened computers / laptops it shows as a tiled image, is it just that i need to increase the resolution to the image ? im currently running 1024 x 640, but ive got a feeling i need an image 640 x 480 to make it large enough….

    sorry for the long post guys, ive racked google and many other support forums and now im stuck and cant move any further forward on this, which is a shame as these seem like simple changes that most people may want to do

    thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

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    First create a Child Theme before you make your modifications. Then, within the Child Theme, make your modifications. Otherwise you will lose them when the theme updates.

    Thanks Andrew Nevins, i`ll get on and create a Child Theme…

    it was about midnight and I had been working on it all day and had very nearly got it to how my friend & I wanted the website to look finally and was jumping for joy until the dreaded update.

    as you can tell im new to website design in general, and was only doing this as a favour, as i knew enough about what i needed to do to complete it (well i thought lol)

    any suggestions on the other fixes?

    thanks in advance.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    For the first issue, use a CSS3 generator to generate the border-radius styles (of zero px in your case).

    2 – You can probably achieve this with CSS again, through the HTML structure already in place. Look at the background property.

    3 – Sounds like another solution through CSS. Try using the background-size property with the contain value.

    You add CSS to your Child Theme style.css file.

    Im a little confused still Andrew,

    the link to “background property” above only shows me how to alter the background, which is great…

    but i need to first of all, add a text box around the text so that when i do upload an image, which is going to be contrasting colours, the writing does not sit on top it, essentially creating a “boarder” type theme….

    at the moment, when i upload a picture the writing sits ontop of the picture and i was wondering if there was any way of having a solid opaque colour box around my writing, so that i can upload a “busy image” behind it which wouldnt interfear with the writing on the site?

    thanks in advance, and sorry for being a PITA

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