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    Hi. A great plugin btw!

    I have, on my theme, a type of bullet point for each row of entries within my sidebar e.g a ‘>’ is in place for each row for Recent Comments and such like.

    The ‘>’ appears to be underneath the radio buttons on the poll and on the result section of the poll, the first letter or two of the answers are somewhat obscured by the ‘>’.

    It is like I want to add a space or two before I write my questions and answers so that the ‘>’ doesn’t obscure the radio buttons on the questions and the beginning of the text on the answers.

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  • Plugin Author YOP


    Hi nordicmike,

    Please provide a link to your website.


    YOP Team

    Hi. A new site, still being tested/constructed etc:-

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hey nordicmike,

    The poll seems to be displayed properly on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    However, we were not able to see the Results section. It looks like you have a problem with admin-ajax.php and the results are not displayed so at the moment we can not help you with the problem you reported.

    Please let us know once it’s fixed so we may assist.

    Best wishes,

    YOP Team

    Hmmm. It is displaying okay now but as you say, the results are not showing. This is very strange because last night, it wasn’t displaying properly (as per thread title) but the results were displaying.

    And…. I haven’t touched or done anything to make these changes. I have no idea about the admin-ajax.php file and so I am stuck. All a bit mysterious though….

    Hmmmm. Just logged into my dashboard and I had an update for a quiz plugin. I updated it and bingo….. the results can be viewed again and the problem exists as per thread title.

    You can try to visit my site again.

    Off topic for a moment but that quiz plugin is a bit strange though. A silly question but can plugins ‘control’ things on our sites because it seems a bit coincidental that the update of a plugin fixed the ajax problem because yesterday, prior the update of that plugin, there was no problem with the ajax. Then a problem arises as you highlighted with the admin-ajax (out of the blue) and oddly enough, an update on a plugin ‘fixes’ things. Looks like things happening through the back door to me…. (concerning the other plugin, not yours).

    The ajax error has come back. It seems to be an intermittent problem but the display of the poll is fine when one can’t click on the results link. When the results link (and therefore the ajax) is working, then the display of the radio buttons as per the thread title are slightly off. I’m lost now 😀

    Ok…. I sorted it.
    I followed the answer in this thread:-

    I added: background: none;

    The bullet arrows are now hidden and the display is good…. with the link to the answers working.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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