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  • Hi,
    Evaluating different Background Slider I see very often the following procedure is used:
    – Vertical: fixed, 100% height of image
    – Horizontal: if browser is scaled down (narrow):
    1. The background image will be squeezed to roughly 80%
    2. After that the image will stay centered BUT it will not squeezed anymore but only cropped, so the middle of the picture is at any time visible in a useful proportion.

    Supersized currently squeezes the image on e.g. mobile devices (or small browser window) in a way it is not usable anymore.
    Let’s say you use a building with windows as background image the windows will not be recognizable anymore as the windows will only appear like a line. Would it be as mentioned before the windows would still be windows, but of course you will see only a small (central) part of the building.

    So is it possible to achieve this?

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  • I’d also like to see a more background-size: cover; way of handling the resize of images. Is there a way to add this as one of the options?

    i’ve got the same problem.
    Solving it with the “cover” option works nice (as also explained here:
    But that’s a solution without WP Supersized. So integration of this technique in the plugin would be very cool!

    Thanks for pointing to a coding-alternative, but the plugin has the advantage of high flexibility (with different parameters).
    So hope it will be integrated…
    What is the developer of WP Supersized is saying???

    I am now using the plugin “Background Manager”. That works. 🙂

    “Background Manager allows you to display a random image as the website background at each visit or as a timed slideshow, without the need to edit the theme.”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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