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    Hello Archetyped,
    I use WP 3.4.2 and SLB I like your plugin very much for it’s working great and is really simple to use.
    There’s only one little thing that I can’t get to work:
    In the options I turned off “Use image URI as caption when link title not set” and “Enable description” Now I only expected to see a caption, if a real “caption” is set in the media library. But then SLB is using something else like the image title or alt-text. Is there a way to show no text at all below at specific (but not all) images?
    Thanks in advance,

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    The “Use image URI as caption when link title not set” simply sets a final fallback so that if there is no caption/title information, then something will still be displayed. If there is caption/title data, then this option will not come into play.

    Staying true to its name, SLB leans more toward simplicity as opposed to customizability. Case in point, a caption will be pulled from several sources (caption, title, alt, etc.) so that a user’s caption will be displayed even if they didn’t use a specific field.

    For more information, here is a breakdown on how captions are evaluated in SLB.

    Hello Archetyped,
    thanks for your answer. If I got you right, that means, with “caption” turned on, it is always showing some text.
    Nevertheless this is not important anymore because I found a workaround for my problem: Now in SLB I turned off “enable caption” and turned on “enable description”. So I can use the caption in the WP layout and description to be shown in the Lightbox. If no description is set, nothing is shown instead of it. It seems that only the caption is “greedy”. That works great for me. 🙂
    Kind regards, G.

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    Yes, if caption is enabled, a caption will nearly always be displayed. The only case where this wouldn’t happen is if there is no data available and the “Use image URI as caption when link title not set” option is disabled.

    The main reason is that different users seem to use different fields for their title. Worse yet, WP and other gallery plugins use different implementations for outputting an image’s caption. As a result, SLB uses the term “caption” loosely and does not directly align with WP’s “caption” field.

    Glad you found a solution that works for you 🙂

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