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  • In one of the screenshots, they have a shot of nested categories. How do you do this? Is this a hack or is there a way to enable it from the customization menus? Also does this mess up your MySQL db at all? Thanks!
    Sorry if this is already answered somewhere but I did a quick search and did not come up with anything.

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  • Nested categories is a feature of the new WP 1.2, WP Wiki on it.
    Basically within the admin menu/categories tab – when adding a category you have the option to name its ‘parent’ category. Which nests the new category inside that parent.

    But if you exclude a category from listing (say on the front page,) will all sub categories also be excluded?

    Hmm, the nested categories don’t appear here. Is there something wrong with my stylesheet? Even the upper parent is gone.

    Ok, it’s fixed now. Categories that don’t have any posts are not shown by WordPress. Didn’t know that.

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