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  • I’m a teacher and my site is really like 5 sub-sites off the home page, one for each class containing resources and the download of weekly materials.

    I’d like each page or category to be a separate feed. It would be too confusing to have just one when so many announcements are so similar.

    I’m a newbie who has read and searched all day without finding a clue.

    Is this possible, and if it is, can anyone give me a pointer to the structure or method for me to investigate making this work ?


    — greg

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  • Just about everything in WordPress get’s its own feed, automatically. To access them you tag “feed” onto a url, but how this works depends on your permalinks. For default WP permalinks (i.e. ?p=100):

    ?cat=10&feed=rss2 -> pulls up the RSS2 feed type for category 10. Alternatively:

    ?category_name=rants&feed=atom -> accesses Atom feed type for the “Rants” category.

    An example of custom permalinks:

    /category/rants/feed/ ~or~ /category/rants/feed/ rss2/

    The first uses the RSS2 feed by default, whereas the second allows you to specify feed type.

    The same works for posts, Pages, posts by author, dated archives. As I said, just about everything.

    Note the list_cats() and wp_list_cats() template tags, which are the ones used to display category links in your sidebar, have a parameter for displaying feed links (rss2) for each category:

    Some additional information on WordPress and syndication:

    Ahh, the lights are coming on. Thanks for your very clear answer and the resources you pointed to !

    Indeed, thank you Kafkaesqui. This was exactly what I was looking for as well. Very helpful.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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