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  • Hello everyone!

    Thank you for reading / responding.

    I’m new here and have had a WordPress Blog on my server for several months. I actually had it set up with plug-ins and a bunch of extras for me, then it was handed over to me to manage. I am now out of touch with the people who set it up and not able to go to them for help.

    I searched the forums for previous posts to answer my question but I haven’t found specifically what I need. My apologies if it’s already been answered.


    Quick background: I’m in financial services and get people out of debt. I’ve developed educational articles, a book, audios and video, plus debt analysis tools, budgeting guides etc. I created the “Freedom Debt Relief Guide” that I provide for free to those who “opt-in” to my list.

    OK, I set up my blog and have a few posts, however, all of these posts serve the purpose of generating traffic to opt-in to my list.

    This is WordPress version 2.5.1.

    My main domain name is

    Originally I set up WP on my root and my blog displayed as my home page. Everything worked great.

    I realized that I need my home page, however, to be my opt-in page, NOT my blog home page, so that I can capture subscribers / opt-ins when I get direct hits, etc.

    So I changed my “Blog address (URL)” in WP Admin “Settings” from to

    I uploaded a new home page (my opt-in page) “index.php” to my root and now my opt-in page displays on as I wanted it.

    The problem is, now I cannot access my blog, anywhere. I actually didn’t even have a directory in place for I realize I made a mistake now.

    I need to know how I can keep my home page for as it is but get my blog to show up and function at

    How can I do this?

    Thank you for any guidance and help : )


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  • @mercime


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    Check the WordPress Codex on changing the URL of your blog and apply it to a folder within your site.

    On another note, it might have been better to have kept your blog where it was in the first place and you could have just added home.php with all the functions you wanted (Codex Ref. Template Hierarchy) and not have to move the whole blog 🙂

    Thank you mercime, thank you very much. I would like to take your advice and keep it where it is, learn hot and use the home.php functionality. Is it too late or can I still do this?

    I appreciate the help, because this is my business. Is there anything I can do for you in return?


    If you haven’t already gone through the steps to change your blog URL, there’s no reason you can’t use home.php.

    You might also be able to just use a plain old WordPress page (i.e., Write > Page). Since 2.1, WordPress allows you to have one of those pages as your main site page (you can edit it under Settings > Reading). Of course, your page has a lot of complex HTML (flash embed and form), so you might be better off using home.php/

    home.php is really easy though. In the most basic sense, you can simply delete everything and paste in what you have on your current home page, though if I were you, I’d try to integrate it a little better by retaining get_header() and get_footer() and filling in the content.



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    Hello Jesse. You’re welcome and with the economy on the downslide, I might contact you 🙂

    Assuming you haven’t moved your blog yet, home.php is your best bet.

    Usually I use the index.php file which I save as home.php then add/delete divs, add/delete codes then make sure appropriate CSS for the home page layout are added in your style.css

    Finally upload home.php and the revised style.css and check in different browsers etc.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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