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  • I’m unable to upgrade to WP 2.0. Installation fails with the message that I need a higher version of MySQL. My host (1and1) has MySQL 5 installed, but my blog was created years ago on MySQL 4.x. I’m guessing I have to somehow get my existing WP 2.8.5 onto the higher version of MySQL, and then upgrade to WP 2.9 — is this right? If so, how would I do it? I’m not an expert on this stuff. Is there a help file or guideline to show me step by step? My host’s instructions are simply “Why don’t you use MySQL 5?” Thanks for any ideas.

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  • Correction — My first sentence should say “I’m unable to upgrade to WP 2.9.

    I just did this (with 1and1) the process is not as easy as it should be.
    Step 1) create a new MySQL5 database (this will take a few minutes to finish)
    Step 2) export your database tables from the old database. Make sure you use gzipped compression and keep the final output under 2Mb (about 8Mb uncompressed)
    Step 3) Import the handful of files to the new database (should be ready by now)*

    At this point you should have 2 databases with the same data. One will be MySQL4 (existing) and the other MySQL5 (new). Now to point your WP install to the new database.

    Step 4) Backup and change the database info in your wp-config.php file (Top level of your existing WordPress install)

    Step 5) That should be it.

    Now about the upgrade process. There is another problem with 1and1 which is php Memory Limit is too low and you can’t change that. So you’ll need to do a couple of things.

    Step 6) Deactivate all plugins. This helps free up the php memory so you can perform the upgrade.
    Step 7) Use the built-in upgrade feature to install WP 2.9. Once upgraded, reactivate all you plugins.

    Enjoy your new WP install and database.

    *In theory, you could export the whole database and import it using SSH but SSH isn’t very user friendly for beginners or casual bloggers. For instructions on how to import/export check with the 1and1 FAQ.

    A few questions, I am having to do the same thing. When exporting in 1and1… Do you check any extra tabs? I dont know what to check when exporting, and when importing the new one do you go to SQL, you go to Query Window and click import files then import the gz file correct? Now after that and everything is uploaded (i uploaded before I found this post) and I cant take my plugins off, except maybe remove them from the server then upload them again after the upgrade

    But right now I might not be clicking the right stuff to export cause when I import, im getting this:

    Your SQL query has been executed successfully:
    The content of your file has been inserted. ( (1).gz: 11299 Instructions)

    No tables found in database.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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