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  • i signed up for a new hosting with my current hosting company. my previous hosting expires soon. the new hosting is up and running now too. how can i move my wp website databases to the new hosting from old hosting?
    and the i move all my files and folders too. but i dont need any new wp installation right?

    the main question is moving the database.

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  • Hi 👋🏼

    The easiest way is to use the built-in import/export tools (click on Tools and then either Import or Export). That will transfer over your content, although things like settings will not do.

    The most complete way is to get a database export from your old host and then import at your new one – the tools (and even databases) that hosts user vary so it’s difficult to give an accurate answer here.

    However, if you’re going the latter way, you’ll need to also transfer over any folders under wp-content – this includes your image library, themes and plugins. You’ll need FTP/SFTP access for this or a file manager of some kind. Again, this will vary, dependant on host.

    This documentation should help you too –

    Hey there! Many hosting companies now will actually move the website for you sans changing the DNS info. Look at and Both are solid for this. I know you just switch hosts so they may offer this solution.

    I use Akeeba BackupWP and the companion expander Kickstart

    It is a backup/restoration tool that does it all. After quick install there is 1 click backup. This creates an archive of the entire site and database.

    Create a new database on the new host, upload the archive and kickstart.php navigate to and enter the credentials. BOOM! DONE! Site is up and ready to go. All urls in database are changed on the fly and no additional tinkering needed.

    Also great for regular backups.

    There are also some plugins and/or services that can help migrate/move sites. Here’s a few I am familiar with and hvae seen others talk about:

    magicmigration – has nothing to install (no plugin) and is automated

    all-in-one wp migration – has a site size limit of I think 512MB without paying for pro, have to install a plugin to site

    duplicator – free but you have to install a plugin to the site and can get hit hard by budget hosts, also has a pro version that can be paid for


    The true easiest way is if your web hosting providers are both using cPanel which is rather an industry standard.

    In which case, you can generate a backup of your old web hosting account from your cPanel and restore it at the exact state it was on the old providers.

    Not only it would include all your WordPress related files and the databases, but it would also includes all the others customisations you may have for your web hosting account such as :

    – Emails accounts and their emails
    – DNS zones modifications
    – All the others domains of your web hosting files / database
    – All the subdomains and their associated files / database

    In most case, your new web hosting provider may take care of this for you. I know we do so we can assist our clients to overcome some backup restoration difficulty (MySQL version being the main backup restoration reason of failure)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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