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    My website:

    This might be ambitious however I study some of the other questions that suggests it might be possible.

    I want to move my slider to the right to be directly under and flush with the menu block. (maintain its size)

    At the same time, I want to place my left hand sidebar directly under my logo. The top of the left hand side bar must be flush with the top of the slider and I want to increase the width of the sidebar to be the same as the maximum allowance for the logo above it

    Like this

    btw if the answer is that it is not possible, I will close this question as resolved.

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  • Everything is possible, but some things take more knowledge/experience than others.

    The basic structure of Customizr is:

    — Header Block —
    — Slider —
    — Left Sidebar–Centre–Right Sidebar —
    — Left Sidebar–Centre–Right Sidebar —
    — Left Sidebar–Centre–Right Sidebar —
    — Left Sidebar–Centre–Right Sidebar —
    — Footer —

    so the diagram you’ve linked would take some restructuring of the core code, so unless you have the skills or know someone then it will be a challenge for you to achieve.

    Now did you consider the device your site will be displayed on? Looking at your site on a widescreen monitor will be a different experience when using a Smartphone. You need an understanding of this Responsiveness when designing your site.

    Take a look at Resizer and see how your present site looks in different ‘viewports’. It might make you rethink your design.

    Do this and then come back, we can look into alternatives. eg why not move your menu block and logo to left? Align the Menu Block with the Slider? (ie same width). These will be simpler to achieve without hacking code.

    Im always an idealist but yet again thanks to you I stand educated. So the answer is yes but I would be crazy to do it. I want to stay with the safety of the current capabilities of the customizer theme and not push any boundaries.

    The original objective of the question was to look at options for a more minimal and intuative website to emulate the product its promoting.

    There are areas of the pages I am under utilizing (rhs menu bar) and the 3 footer sections for example that I will have to learn quicky to use these to remove the clutter from the sidebars, even do away with the rh sidebar (thats what i am trying to achieve). This is made worse because I havent yet resolved the sidebar padding issue. I will also think of ways to utilze the slider better to meet these objectives. I need to get back to writing articles again with a finished design.

    Is there anywhere I can see a showcase of websites created in customizr that will give me some ideas? thanks again for your help

    I will close this as resolved.

    Try here

    I fewl stupid now, I probably could have googled that.
    I have seen some great ideas from the link that will me meet my objectives. I will look through the Q&A here and if there are any gaps I will come back with my own questions (if needed)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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