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    I am using the theme FlatOn and I have figured out how to add an image to the header more or less in the way I want and how to move the article text down as otherwise it remains on top of the image (I accomplished this with padding-top, though I have not been able to test yet whether it creates problems on a mobile device).

    However, I have not figured out how to move the “Search” and “Categories” widgets in the sidebar down in a reasonable way. If I add padding-top to the aside argument, it applies to both individually meaning that there is an unnecessary blank between them. I would like to move them down, as a group, about 300 pxls, so how do I do this? In the future, I would like to add a whole bunch of widgets there, so they cannot be vertically spread apart. The site is at

    I have spent about 5 hours looking for advice on the matter, so now I would really like to get a relatively quick answer. Alternatively, if there is another way of adding the “header” image below the top navigation bar (says “Etusivu” and “About” now), that would avoid this problem, then that is an option as well. Now I changed the image width & length settings for header image in the css and custom_header.php and added it as a background image.

    By the way, most of the posts on adding widgets to a particular area say nothing about this fine tune positioning, they just tell you how you can add widgets to a footer or a sidebar or a header IN GENERAL.

    Thanks in advance,

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