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  1. raymondmah
    Posted 4 years ago #

    From reading the earlier posts in the forum I have managed to move the search box in the Twentyeleven theme down to my desired location by adding '*#branding #searchform {top: 25px;}' into the child theme style.css.

    However, I also want the search box to align to the left of the page as my logo is on the right. I cannot figure out how to do this.

    I have tried:
    '*#branding #searchform {float:left; top: 25px;}'
    '*#branding #searchform {align:left; top: 25px;}'
    '*#branding #searchform {position:left; top: 25px;}'
    '*#branding #searchform {left: 25px; top: 25px;}'
    But none of these seem to work.
    Please help!

    Also, what's the difference between "searchform" and "only-search"? I actually don't see any reference to "searchform" in the header.php. Would appreciate any explanation on this.


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