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  • Hello,

    How can I move the right side column up on all my WordPress pages that the “image” will align with bottom line of business logo in the left column ??

    (please see my web link below)

    I am no web designer so hopefully it is not too complicated to do it myself.

    Many thanks for your help !!!!!!
    Best wishes, ~ L ~

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  • You need to adjust the top margin on your blog div – on about line 19 of your styles.css file. It’s currently set to 170px.

    Just make sure you’re using a child theme to make any modifications to theme CSS so that you don’t lose your changes when you update the theme. Child_Themes

    Also, to track down similar problems, please consider:

    You can easily track down information about how your page is rendering its code by using a tool like Firebug in Firefox, or Google’s developer tools package on Chrome.

    Firebug information:
    How to use developer tools on Chrome:
    And more on Chrome:

    Dear Jess,
    Thank you so much for your e-mail. I tried to follow different google videos how to create a child theme and where I can find my styles.css file but I must say it looks somehow always different on my page and all those codes make me a bit nervous.

    Where can I exactly find the file?

    Many thanks

    Your style.css file lives in the template folder – wp-content/templates/yourtemplate/

    You can also get to it from the WordPress dashboard – Appearance > Editor.

    The easiest way to make a Child Theme if you’re just going to edit the CSS is to use a plug in like Child Themify:

    To use this particular plugin, install it, then go to Appearance > Themes, where you will see the theme you have activated currently with an option underneath it to make a Child Theme. Click that, then when you see the Child Theme in the list of available themes, activate it. All of the original theme’s options and things will still be available to you with the Child Theme activated.

    Then you can add any custom CSS you want to the newly created style.css file in the Child Theme folder, all through the Dashboard editor.

    Hi Jess,
    I’m happy to announce that I could manage now with your helpful advise to install and activate the Child theme! Hurray! I copied now the style sheet css content from my “parent” sheet to the child theme folder, is this correct?

    You told me in the firs e-mail: You need to adjust the top margin on your blog div – on about line 19 of your styles.css file. It’s currently set to 170px. To what number/px do I need to change it?

    Many thanks again, your help is very much appreciated.
    Kind wishes, ~ L ~

    You can just copy and paste the portions of the CSS that you are changing to your child theme instead of the whole file – for this particular fix, you want these lines:

    #blog {
    float: right;
    width: 640px;
    padding: 5px;
    margin: 170px 0 0 0;

    Adjust the margin of 170px to whatever value gives you the look that you want.

    I tried changing the px to different numbers but nothing happened. The picture/text stays at same position, is not moving up or down. What can I do?

    Many thanks for your help

    Are you saving before you check if it changed? Because it works just fine for me if I use Chrome’s developer tools to test it. Also make sure to leave no space between the number and px, and leave the 0’s and ; intact. Just change the number.

    Hi Jess,
    I tried it again, just changed the numbers, nothing else, saved it, and the site looks still the same. I tried with 10px and 5000px, nothing is moving (please see copied child theme with CSS below).
    Shall I send you the link of the admin page?

    Many thanks. ~ L ~

    Theme Name: Socrates
    Version: 1.0
    Description: A child theme of Studio 180°
    Template: studio180

    #blog{float: right;width: 640px;padding:5px; margin:570px 0 0 0;}

    Other question: Do you know if I can use the below link/download (dark, round social media icons) for WordPress? I tried to upload it under new plugins but if failed.


    Wit big tanks and kind regards,

    Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    The link you provided is just a link to download the icons. It’s not a plugin.
    If you want to use these icons, you’ll need to upload theme to your child theme and then add the CSS.

    This plugin might be a good option for you —

    I’ve never used this plugin, but it might work for you.

    Dear Christine,
    Thank you for your e-mail.
    I tried to upload it under themes but it says the CSS sheet is missing. how can I add the CSS and how can I upload it to my child theme?

    I tried as well to remove the “AddToAny” sharing buttons under settings but somehow its all messed up now. How can I get rid of all the existing sharing buttons? I have no idea why the left column on my page has lost its styling. PLEASE HELP!!! How can I fix that?

    With kindest regards, ~ L ~

    My dear Christine, I’m so glad, I could fix my own mess and the site looks fine again. But I would very much appreciate if you could help me to get the sharing button thing sorted.

    Thanks a million ***
    ~ L ~

    I think you may need to seek a professional to help you with these issues – I don’t think you fully understand the steps that you have been instructed to take. Please consider posting on

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