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  • can some brilliant, charming and smart person tell me how to move my database from one domain to another? also, let it be known that i’ll need the “for dummies” instructions.

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  • Girlwonder, are you moving your database from one server to another? The way I have done that in the past is by using mysqldump to creat a file that contains the data in the database and also the info needed to recreate the database on the new server. You then copy that file to the new server using ftp or scp or something similar and then recreate the database on the new server with that file.
    If you can provide some more details about what you are trying to do I could probably give you better instructions.

    Changing domain name, or location of server?
    A domain name, you will just need to change the settings in WordPress to use the new domain name/location. Course, until your DNS servers update this could cause you some trouble – but only for a day or two.
    Changing servers… wrote something on that earlier. Lets see…

    so essentially i would just move the files to the new domain ftp or do i need to do a clean install? i’m not moving to a different location within the same name but to a completely different domain.

    Ok, I’m still confused. Domain ie: to
    Or a different file server. For instance, the two domains above can be hosted on the exact same file server. They can even reference the exact same files.
    So are we just changing the domain name vs, or are we storing the files on a new, different physical server?
    Am I making sense, or sounding stupid? 😉

    LOL…i don’t know – just blame me, i could perhaps be delirious. from to is where i’m going. they are on the same server at my host (bloghosts) – so i think that’s what you’re saying right?

    if they are on the same host i believe the same database should work in the new domain. but confirm that with ur host. ofcourse this works only if u keep the old domain alive.

    sushubh – i THINK i understand what you’re saying and the domain will be alive for quite some time. BUT, is there no way to just move the database altogether to the new domain in the event that i want to park the old one? and if i leave it on the old database, won’t my settings tell it to write to the old site? does that make sense? sorry is this complicated as all hell.


    Talk to the company that is hosting your site. First, you can keep the database where it located. Most likely your isp gave you ip to point to mysql database. Even if you shot your domain, it should still work.
    let say i have domain, database point to I move to, i can still point my to for mysql database.
    Again, you have to talk to your isp and explain to them what you are trying to do. for wp, all you have to is copy all your files to the new domain.
    hope this help.

    You will also need to change the “WordPress address” and ‘Blog address” under General Options (in v1.2).

    LOL….i’ll submit a ticket to my webhost – i’m sure they can figure it out. thanks guys.

    I found the following instructions, do you guys think that they would work to do what i was asking about above? and if yes, would all i have to be to upload the files for wp or would i have to do a whole install?
    The following are the steps to Export and then Import a MySQL database usnig phpMyAdmin
    Export from phpMyAdmin
    Open cPanel and open your phpMyAdmin
    On the welcome screen you will see an Export option click on this link
    This will bring up the view dump (schema) of databases screen
    Select the tables you wish to be exported from the list
    Ensure you choose SQL as the option (this will alow you to just paste the SQL for your next host)
    It will create text file on the screen, highlight the information and paste it into a text document. Save this for when you get hosting.
    Import to phpMyAdmin
    Open cPanel and open your phpMyAdmin
    On the welcome screen you will see an Query window option (lower left corner) click on this link
    Paste the contents of the text file that you exported and done. Your database and it’s contents are moved.

    Yep, thats it. That will do you good.
    Be sure to change your “WordPress address” and “Blog address” via wp-admin, otherwise things wont work right. 😉

    i’m SOOO going to write a wiki on this – b/c i’m feeling like a genuis right about now. BUT, before i go getting all badass – you guys said to change my site url in the admin – where about? what file needs to be updated?

    nevamind – i figured it oud

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