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  • Ciryaquen


    I’m a newbie thrashing around with this php, mysql, and apache stuff. 🙂

    I set up a demo blog on my live website for someone (so she can access it from the net). But it’s such a nice demo, I want a local copy for demo-ing without internet access.

    I have Mac OS X.3 (Panther) and everything is set up to throw some switches and be running Apache locally.

    On my Mac, there’s a few demo sites, and an old WordPress 1.5 experiment in my user/site folder. To navigate to the sites folder the path is http://ciryaquens-computer.local/~ciryaquen/. CocoaMySQL is installed on my Mac for managing the MySQL database. There’s multiple tables set up because trying to set up multiple databases is over my head.

    The live site’s database is called ryana (and that’s also the subdomain) and the mysql table prefix is ‘wp_’. The local database is called wordpress and the prefix is ‘ryan_’

    I did manage to backup the the database from the WordPress admin panel.

    Can someone walk me through what to do now? I read the codex but it’s not making sense to me. Thanks.

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