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  • Hi

    Is it possible to move where the bulk discount info is displayed on the product page.

    Currently it is shown at the bottom after the meta info and before the tabs, but I would like to move it to either before the Add to Cart button or possibly straight after it.

    Happy to add filters to the functions.php if that would work, or to adjust the code.

    It just seems that an incentive to buy more would be more successful if it were placed next to / near to the product number selector on the product page. Using variable products if it makes a difference.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Great plugin anyway.

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  • Hi Dave,

    did you get anywhere with this? I would like to do the same thing… I guess you could place it in description of product? If you did find a way and can share, would appreciate it…



    I’ll share what we did manage, which is to move it up the page somewhat.

    Line 77 of woocommerce-bulk-discount.php in the plugin folder, change the priority from the default of 45. New line reads:
    add_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, array( $this, ‘single_product_summary’ ), 35 );

    35 moves it up so that it sits directly under the Add to Cart button. You cannot move it in between as the Add to cart and varaints, etc form one block, so this is the best we could manage. You can see where this places the bulk discount on one of our pages.

    Hope it’s useful.


    Thanks – I put it in the product description…

    Hi Dave and Scweb, how did you guys get the bulk table to display on your product page? I’m trying to show this on the product page and can’t figure it out.

    WooCommerce > Settings > Bulk Discount to choose your options and make it show, then in each product you need to set the discounts on the product for it to show.

    Sorry Dave, I can only see the discount rates displayed on the CART page and not on a product page. I think I’m totally missing something on woocommerce -> setting -> Bulk Discount section. I dont any specific product page settings, only for cart.

    You have this section on your site,
    Stock Up & Save: Buy 5 or more and save 10% automatically on this purchase!
    How did you add that there?

    You need to add the actual discount you want to set up on the individual product page.

    Go to a product, in the Product Data section click on the Bulk Discount button to open the tab.

    Click on Add discount line and then enter quantity they must buy to trigger the discount and the percentage discount it will offer.

    You can have multiple discounts, so 5 gives a 10% saving, 10 a 20%, etc

    But the discount you want to show needs to be entered into each product individually.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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