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  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a basic site and I currently have a slightly modified header in which the post title for the page is on top, and the nav is moved under.

    However, I would like to reverse that when it is viewed on a mobile device, so that the nav is at the top, and the title is under it.

    Is that possible?

    Also, I’m currently using column-matic to allow me to use short codes to generate columns for my pages, is there a better way to create columns so I can have images on 1 side which correspond with a descriptive paragraph on the right side, while maintaining responsiveness when the viewport is scaled? The point is to keep everything very easily editable in tinyMCE, while the images and text line up, and it also stays responsive, so the images would stack on top of the text (which should wrap) when it’s viewed on mobile.

    Thanks in advance!

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