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  • Categories are setup in alphabetical order. I would like to move them so they display in the order
    I want them, not alphabetically. In addition, can I make it so the main category heading contains
    the sub categories, and are not displayed until the main category is clicked?
    For example:
    Current display:
    Regular Chickens
    I want:
    Blog: < Click to open up sub categories.
    Can anyone guide me on how to do this? I’m working with several other blog programs simultaneously to see which would benefit
    my users best. Thus far, Tiki and Postnuke are the prominent free programs that have been favourites. Moveable Type has been
    the favourite commerical item. I would like them to use WordPress, but need to “sell it” to them.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’m fairly sure that adding a space to the front of the name of an item in a list will make it display first in that list, and that adding more spaces to another will put that above the first.
    That make sense ?
    The spaces do not show when the list is displayed either.
    If you look at the site, the guy has the headings and then the clickable links. I want to do the same
    but divide the categories. Is this difficult to do without causing too many problems?
    This would then mean I could create main categories and just place them under headings such as:
    and so on.
    Thanks in advance.

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