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  • My blog has been getting pretty good traffic, excellent reviews, have passionate visitors and over 2,000 views in about 6 months. First website ever, totally new to this…Haven’t done any paid advertising yet, I even have that google certificate in which I haven’t used yet.

    Appreciate any suggestions/advice!

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  • There are entire books and websites dedicated to answering your questions. I’ll try to be brief and concise on my feedback.

    – 2000 views in 6 months is very low. It would be a challenge to earn an income based on that.

    – Advertising does not always equate to more visitors.

    – More visitors do not always equate to more conversions.

    – If using a Google coupon, please ensure that you do not go over the limit or else it would cost you.

    – What is your income strategy and what are your tactics? There are so many ways to earn money.

    – Paying for advertising does not need until you can answer the previous question.

    If monetizing is important to you, I would find a way to increase your number of visitors first. Generally, you’ll need several hundred visitors per day at a minimum if you really want to earn an decent supplemental income.

    Christine Rondeau


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    I’ve always and trusted the information provided on
    He’s written about this subject before –

    As Gabe mentioned though, there’s tons of information about this. I would recommend that you look and see if there’s a WordPress meetup group in your area and see if you can chat to anyone about this. This subject is quite dense and merits more than just a few words in the forum.

    Best of luck with your blog.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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