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  • I am new to blogging and would appreciate some help. My blog is hosted by godaddy. The theme I am using for now is blog.txt 4.6.1. I want to change it and do not know how.
    Here are some of the items that I want to change:
    – narrative under Recent comments

    – get RSS feed to lead to readers

    – Move the RSS feed to the top of the page

    – eliminate narrative under Rich Life 123

    – provide comment area under the post
_ offer the ability to subscribe by email
    I know this is a lot and I feel like an Idiot asking so much but I do not know where to start. Any help wolud be appreciated.

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  • Do you know PHP? HTML? CSS? If not, you need to get some introductory books and learn at least a little about them.

    As for WP, I started with WordPress for Dummies and it helped a lot.

    Some of the things you are asking for might be easy, but it would require installing your theme in a test site and modifying it before the changes could be explained to you. This is indeed asking a lot, especially if you do not have the basic knowledge of the tools.

    All that having been said, here are a couple of observations:

    – narrative under Recent comments

    I did not see ‘Recent Comments’ on the site.

    – Move the RSS feed to the top of the page

    The RSS feed is probably in a sidebar widget. Go to Admin->Appearance->Widgets. Open the sidebar with the little down arrow at the right of the title. Drag the RSS entry up to the top.

    – eliminate narrative under Rich Life 123

    By this I assume you mean ‘Money and Life Issues’? That should be found at Admin->Settings->General in the Tagline box.

    The other items may be more involved, but I cannot tell without more work.


    Thank you for your guidance, I am going to by the WordPress book and start learning HTML and CSS. Appreciate the help.


    Hay Bruce a Great pace to go and watch all of this on Video is at and another place is at . This place is great for learning HTML.

    Hope this help a bit

    @supercinch, thanks for the tips.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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