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  • I am trying to design a site using a child theme of twentyeleven. There is a commercial template here that has a feature that I would like to add to my twentyeleven child template. I would like to add the feature of the 4 short columns under the header, these are accomplished with a widget called T-> Services List, I guess T stands for their company name, the -> is actually an arrow. The widget called T-> Services List is placed in a widget area called Home Slider, this is basically the Header. The Services List widget can be place above or below the Slider widget in the Home Slider widget area, I would prefer it to be below like in the link. There are several available widget areas (and widgets) for that template that would be nice to have in the twentyeleven child theme that I’m working on and other sites that I have.

    Is there a plugin or multiple plugins that would help me do this? Can anyone help me create these widgets and/or widget areas?

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  • Just an ideas, copy the footer widget code, and add a call in the index.php to call the widgets.

    From functions.php of the parent you will need the register_sidebar call four times, new sidebar-6 to sidebar-9.

    Then copy the function twentyeleven_footer_sidebar_class to the child theme, rename it change the sidebar names and class names and add a 4 switch

    From style.css there is a section /* =Footer, copy this and change the namse to match your new styles.

    copy sidebar-footer.php to the child and rename it to sidebar-panel.php

    In footer.php there is code

    if ( ! is_404() )
    get_sidebar( 'footer' );

    Add this in index.php as:

    get_sidebar( 'panel' );

    then you will need to tweek anything we have missed.



    Hi David,

    Thank you for your ideas.

    When you say “copy” do you mean I should copy anything from the commercial template or do you mean I should copy from twentyeleven to my child theme?

    Please keep in mind, I’m a novice with PHP.


    Hold fire I think this will make a nice post and free child theme for my website, so I have already started to look at it, 90% done already, just in the index.php, you will likely add it to a page template?

    Grab it from here see if it does what you want, and feedback any issues, it is a page template, create a page and apply the Ribbon Bar “Page Tempate” and add some widgets from the widget area!



    Try this I created a post and a free child theme with custom post types and widget areas!



    Hi David,

    This is fantastic! I was already planning to use the Nivo Slider!

    I’ll try your child theme right now and post back with my results.

    Thank you!!!

    David, I love it, it’s genius! Thank you so much! I had been trying to figure out how to get those information boxes on the homepage for quite some time now. You really did a great job! It’s quite sophisticated, you didn’t take any shortcuts with the functionality, it’s very inventive! I also love the way you incorporated the WP Nivo Slider. I was working with a different Nivo Slider and I think had to insert the code into the php page, I tried so many solutions I’m forgetting them all now but yours is far better.

    I have a few suggestions/comments/questions:

    1. For people who might not know how to install a child theme, perhaps your instructions could be a little more clear on how to install it, someone might think they could install it through the WordPress theme upload, or maybe they can, can they? I just assumed it would have to be upload to the server.

    2. There’s no menu on the homepage anymore. I created a custom one and installed it with a widget but I’m not sure how to style it, the CSS is a bit weird. Is there a way to keep the menu on there? Or can you clarify the CSS for me? My client wants his menu above the slider and to the right, so using the widget may be the best solution, but I still need to be able to style it.

    3. There’s a lot of space below the Instructional widget titles. I was able to remove some of it with CSS but some of it won’t go away. For the project I have in mind for this layout, I will be putting background images behind the titles of the instructional widgets, so this will take some experimenting on my part. If you have any insight into getting rid of that space I’d appreciate it.

    Anyway David… you did an amazing job! The website that I’m working on with this template is for prostate health and cancer information for the general public, patients and survivors, so you did a great thing for a great cause! Thank you!

    David, I just noticed that on your example of the wedding page, the information widget titles don’t have too much space below them, above the copy. I wonder why mine do?

    Yes child themes can be uploaded just like full themes, so that part is ok!

    I have setup a sandbox website for this theme, I will add a menu back in, it will be a second menu that will not show if the theme location is left blank.

    So in your case you would set the same menu in primary and secondary menu locations.

    The theme as always will be a free download going forward so the feedback is a great to have.

    Can you email me so I can send updated files and take it away frm here until the theme is done!

    Any generic changes you reccomend can be used, but specific to your client do not send to me.

    This is only a hobby so I will not be that actice on working days!

    my email


    I just figured out how to remove that big space under the information widget title with CSS so never mind about that.

    I will email you momentarily. I don’t really understand what you’re saying about the menu in the above post but hopefully it will be more clear after I see the menu.

    I’ll try not to keep asking you for help for things, especially for things that I can eventually figure out myself! I would never have been able to accomplish what you did with this child theme though, at least not for a very very long time. I must have been lucky to catch you at the right time on a weekend!

    Thank you so much!

    David, I just have been clicking the mail icon on your site, but there’s no email address inserted into the message.

    It is in the link in my last post my email, and again, I will have to fix the one on my website, it is due for a makeover!


    I must be tired. I see now that mail icon on your site is for sharing, not for emailing you. I didn’t notice the mail link in your post until just now. It’s been a long week. I just sent you an email…

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