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  • Last version of Genesis 1.8.1 (even has got its own SEO options) they mentioned that this version can be easily integrated with “SEO by Yoast” SEO plugin. This is little strange if you know that genesis framework has integrated their own SEO options. This showing me that Joost’s plugin is more advanced and second that Genesis is great platform and the developer team brings the best for their clients.
    And now back to the question.
    1. Is there any need to modify the titles in header.php ?
    2. If Yes How to do it when you are using child theme?

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  • If you’d read the docs of Genesis, you wouldn’t need to ask this question. That combined with the fact that you had the guts to tell me which question to answer makes me think you should go somewhere else.

    Oh and next time, if you want me to notice a question, tag it properly, this one isn’t properly tagged.

    Hey Joost don’t get it to serious I appreciate your time and efforts to support your great plugin and I’m sorry if my comment made you angry.
    Yes you are totally right that i didn’t tag it properly but Im learning for next time to do so because I have many questions for you:).
    So if its hard for you to tell me about my first question I would like to ask following: and will try to find that question in the documentations.
    Did you roll back automatic shortening of permalink to old settings?
    If yes can you add it back and insert option if we would like short (without stop words) or long one?
    Your sitemap option is THE BEST but for us users never enough:), can you add image sitemap too (if its possible)?
    And finally a friend on which I recommended your plugin (and he installed it) how to explain that your plugin didn’t cause to drop in rankings 🙂 He did template to show list of keywords i post titles after the post name ;).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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