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  1. aleyho
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, i had modified the live form adding a post title field. It's really cool now but there is just a problem when p2 displays the new post, the post title is missing, i need to refresh the page.

    I searched a lot into p2 code and i had found (i think) the structure thati need to modify, "newPosts"

    here it's used for json request (from p2.js):
    ajaxCheckPosts = $.getJSON(queryString, function(newPosts){

    and now it's appended as last post (from p2.js):
    $("#main > ul > li:first").before(newPosts.html);

    i'm freaking out... i can't find were is newPosts located or newPosts.html or were it was created (i think that it's not a file but a jsonobj created somewere).

    If someone will help me i really appreciate.

    p.s. i'm really really really sorry for my horrible english.

  2. dlopeman
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Do you mind sharing HOW you add the post title?

    I believe you will have to modify the functions.php for it to display. I want the TITLE in mine, too... so I'll certainly come across an answer to this eventualy and can share it here.


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